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red thread games

Game DeveloperOslo, Norway6-20 employees

🌍 About red thread games


Games with soul. For players who love stories.

  • Red Thread Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Oslo, Norway.
  • We are storytellers, and we tell our stories using the unique strengths of our medium.
  • Our mission is to create games with soul for a global and diverse audience of players who love stories — across a wide range of genres and platforms.
  • To us, soul signifies depth, diversity, delight.
  • It means games that are handcrafted with love, featuring compelling, personal narratives, engaging game mechanics, and immersive worlds populated with multicultural characters.
  • Our values drive our creative decisions, resulting in games with personality, a point of view and purpose.
  • Games that hopefully have something interesting and important to say.
  • So far we've released third-person, choice-and-consequence adventure Dreamfall Chapters, and Fjord Noir mystery Draugen.
  • We’re currently working on road-trip action adventure Dustborn and Polar Punk survival RPG Svalbard.
  • All of our games are available for (or coming to) PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and next-generation consoles.
  • We have 10+ team members in our Oslo office, and we work with development partners and publishers, freelancers and outsourcing studios across the world to make our games.
  • We’re represented by DDM — Digital Development Management. Please direct business inquiries accordingly.

Why “Red Thread”?

  • The concept of the red thread is universal, and signifies a deep connection between things: thematically, emotionally, physically.
  • In Chinese legend, the gods would connect certain individuals with an invisible red thread — and these individuals were thus destined to meet, form a connection and help each other.
  • Our games are all about that strange, ethereal bond between living things, and the drama — and game mechanics! — that emerges from the red threads that connect us all, regardless of distances and differences

How red thread games fights Covid-19?

  • Given the current global health crisis, the development team is working remotely.
  • Candidates for this position must be prepared to work from home for a period, and until further notice, before potential relocation is possible and advisable.

🥰 Open Positions

red thread games
Game Designer

17 days ago

🌍 Remote - Full Time   🗺️ Oslo, Norway


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