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Head Of Growth

MobalyticsPosted 12 hours ago🌍 RemoteCompany Size:21-50

Job Description

  • As the Head of Growth, you will be a party leader.
  • Your decisions will make or break your party and our brand.
  • To take our product to the next stage, you must be good at many things.
  • You must understand the ecosystem we live and breathe in really well.
  • You must understand people very well, both those that play the game and those that you work with.
  • You must be able to use your instincts, but couple it with solid data to reach the best conclusion.
  • You must understand how to evaluate resources at your disposal and quantify effort and time teams need to accomplish a goal.
  • Most importantly, you must be relentless in your pursuit of ambitious goals because the raid team is counting on you to be a little demanding.

You Are...

Core Requirements

  • 5+ years of consumer product marketing experience in tech, with social products, technologies, and platforms
  • Previous experience of growing consumer products from millions to tens of millions monthly active users.
  • Gaming industry veteran. Understands the gaming community (understands how to market to them) and gaming landscape.
  • Good understanding of user / gamer psychology or user research experience
  • Strong analytical skills and habits.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with "AAARR" framework.
  • Good knowledge of brand positioning and storytelling
  • Strong knowledge and decent experience with main channels:
    • Content marketing. Especially Content promotion.
    • Word of Mouth amplification.
    • Online communities and community engagement.
    • Influencers. Be familiar with how to interact with influencers/pro teams/players.
  • Good knowledge or experience with additional channels:
    • SEO
    • Email and drip marketing
    • Referral and partnership programs
    • Viral loops
  • Good experience with growth experimentation.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and building new marketing and product plans from the ground up.
  • Comfortable at managing multiple projects / GTM campaigns at the same time.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Experience guiding cross functional teams on projects and driving decision making
  • Experience motivating and challenging teams and individuals at all levels of an organization, both directly and cross-functionally
  • Curiosity to learn and a desire to act and get (all kinds of) things done!
  • Incredible resourcefulness and empathy to guide teams toward agreement and decisions.
  • Passion for Mobalytics and belief in our mission- I know we said it before, but we will keep repeating it.

Bonus Points

  • Product development/management or product design experience.
  • Experience in language / positioning experimentation.
  • Strong knowledge of network effects.

Mobalytics Required Personal Skill Set

  • Plays games with a desire to improve.
    • People who love games and the tools that players use to get better at them make for a great fit and can understand the mission clearly.
    • No, we don’t care if you are Bronze or Diamond.
  • Self-initiated, fast learner with a positive attitude.
    • Hopefully, you’ll tell us what we need to be doing. Independence and agency are key traits at Mobalytics.
    • We want to queue with “Can do” party members because passion breeds enthusiasm, which in turn makes learning and team achievement infectious.
  • Strong sense of team spirit thriving in a fast-paced environment.
    • We strive for excellence and don’t waste each other's time with BS.
    • We all support and encourage each other, but that also means being good at listening to feedback.
  • Excellent attention to details, quality of work and time management.
    • You have ownership of the product. Be proud of your work, not for our sake, but for yours. We will be proud too!
    • Working hard and having a sense of urgency are important, but being efficient is more important. Hard work doesn’t mean endless hours and “face-time,” it means on time delivery of quality work and achieving our shared goals.

Your Tasks

  • Positioning and Communication: You represent Mobalytics to us and to the whole world. Do it right!

    • Refine and maintain positioning, communication and messaging for the Mobalytics brand as well as specific product features.
    • Create product and feature positioning, communication plans, and messaging for new features.
  • Go to Market: Every feature deserves a launch, and a great leader to do it for us.

    • Create and execute GTM campaigns for new product features, partnerships and content promotions.
    • Drive GTM plans working closely with cross-functional teams to determine effective launch and communications strategy
    • Build and support programs geared to increase awareness and adoption of new product features and updates.
    • Communicate GTM plans and results across all company departments.
  • Growth Experimentation: You will have to fail to succeed beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

    • Build a strong culture of growth experimentation.
    • Constantly come up and experiment with growth ideas.
    • Help the team to summarize and learn from conducted experiments.
    • Push the team to run cross-functional growth experiments on a regular basis.
  • Analysis and Reporting: The team is only as good as you are at analyzing and relaying critical information.

    • Understand player behavior and contribute to user analysis and research.
    • Think through all the product stages (AAARR).
    • Analyze day to day user behavior, results of any GTM campaign as well as unit economics.
    • Deliver launch reports - including sentiment analysis, insights, and metrics as outlined in the GTM goals. Lead post-mortems.
    • Work with data to generate break-through quantitative, qualitative, and competitive insights.
    • Contribute towards research around product and feature positioning for new audience segments.
  • Leadership and Team Management: Every head must lead...

    • Organize and lead the growth team.
    • Organize cross department collaboration to execute GTM campaigns
    • Offer guidance to those of us who are less experienced and help grow the team.

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