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Narrative Manager

Frontier DevelopmentsPosted 2 days agoFull TimeCompany Size:500-1000

Job Description

  • Reporting directly to the Head of Design, the Narrative Manager is a new position which has been created as a result of Frontier’s significant growth, to support our exciting project roadmap across a range of narrative areas. 
  • The successful candidate will be able to understand the storytelling and world building vision for our games and deliver this vision by identifying, developing and managing the appropriate talent, resources and processes.

You Are...

  • Understands how to deliver storytelling and world building in a visual/interactive medium
  • Strong communication, copy writing and editorial skills
  • Can identify quality in writing (both exposition & dialogue) , scripts, storyboards, direction and acting, for the medium of film or games
  • Can provide feedback and critique to get the best out of the above and align them with the vision of the project
  • Can work with storyboards, character profiles etc., translating them into their end product; game, trailer, cinematic. 

Your Tasks

  • Work with Games Directors and vision holders to understand the narrative vision and requirements for our games
  • Enable and manage the delivery of narrative requirements (writing, script, casting, recording, mocap/sound stage setup where applicable) 
  • Build the studio’s narrative capacity both internally and externally to deliver current and future requirements
  • In collaboration with the Games Directors, to contract with or hire in the relevant talent for editing, writing, voice direction or voice talent
  • Build relationships with writing agencies and casting studios/voice directors and other services to ensure we get the best pick of their talent and facilities
  • Ensure good practice across the board; monitoring and helping develop pipelines and tools for consistency, efficiency, suitability and sustainability
  • Work with project Executive Producers to ensure that procedures are followed and adapted to the projects needs and bottle necks addressed  
  • Build and mentor a team to enable you to schedule and prioritise resources to most effectively deliver the studio’s vision, embedding them as appropriate in projects.
  • Initially working on our Formula 1 franchise to develop a vision for technical UI text and believable in game dialogue; with a view to then expanding into working on our Warhammer franchise and other IPs.

How to Apply

There are two steps in the application process where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Complete our short application form and attach your CV
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